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What is The Fall Of Minneapolis about? Exploring details and connection to George Floyd, where to watch, and more


A gripping multi-part documentary, The Fall of Minneapolis, promises an in-depth exploration of the aftermath of George Floyd’s death, providing viewers with a nuanced perspective on the widely publicized events. The documentary is based on Liz Collin’s Amazon bestseller, “They’re Lying: The Media, The Left, and The Death of George Floyd,” Derek Chauvin’s trial, and the lasting impact on Minneapolis.

Challenging Narratives: Liz Collin’s Amazon Bestseller is the Documentary’s foundation

At the core of the documentary lies Collin’s bestseller, which exposes the perceived gaps in the dominant narrative. Alpha News journalist Liz Collin, along with director Dr. J.C. Chaix, delves into the complexities of the events, presenting a counterpoint to the mainstream narrative. In a recent interview, Collin expressed her motivation, stating, “I saw myself the dangerous narrative the media and politicians pushed… We are still paying the price three years later.”

The Fall of Minneapolis features exclusive interviews with individuals directly involved, providing a unique and intimate perspective. Former officers Derek Chauvin and Alexander Kueng, currently serving time, share their insights with Collin. The documentary also includes interviews with the families of Chauvin and Kueng, offering a public platform for their perspectives for the first time.

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Current and former Minneapolis police officers contribute their experiences, recounting harrowing stories from the riots, detailing the planned surrender of the Third Precinct, and explaining the reasons behind the significant number of departures from the force.

Comprehensive view: Connections to George Floyd, where to watch, and more

The Fall of Minneapolis contributes to the ongoing debate about justice, riots, and the larger societal implications of George Floyd’s death. By examining key evidence and providing firsthand accounts, the documentary aims to offer a comprehensive view that encourages a deeper understanding of the complex issues at play.

For those seeking a comprehensive view of the events surrounding George Floyd’s death, The Fall of Minneapolis promises a detailed exploration. The documentary provides an opportunity to delve into the nuances of the narrative, challenging existing perceptions and encouraging viewers to engage with the complexities of the issue. As discussions continue, the documentary serves as a focal point for those seeking a deeper understanding of the events that unfolded in Minneapolis and their broader implications.

The Fall of Minneapolis is available for viewing on Rumble and at, offering audiences a chance to engage with the documentary and form their own perspectives on the issues presented.

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