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What occurred after an asian doll fighting video with a woman went viral on social media check it out


Asian Doll appears to be in a heated mess right now after a video of her went viral and was met with harsh criticism from online users. Sources claim that when Asian was at a pool party and later interacting with her fans, a lady took the rapper’s diamond chain. A woman and an Asian doll were observed fighting, and witnesses began to record the incident. Many individuals made fun of Asian for batting the woman out after this video became wildly popular online.

Asian and the women who were attempting to steal the necklace also shared their accounts of the events, and it appears that the rapper is not on their side. Let’s talk about what really transpired with the rapper Asian Doll.

As the video gained popularity, many people began making fun of Asian for injuring and beating the woman. The woman also relapsed in a statement, admitting that she was only trying to touch the artist while trying to imagine herself doing it. Asian doll claimed that the lady attempted to take her diamond necklace, and in the footage, the Asian can be seen beating the woman as she gets closer to them. Many people sided with the rapper, but many more sided with the woman who was attempting to take a photo with Asians.

While there are two sides to this incident, the majority of people think the woman did not attempt to snag the chain.

A security guard intervened while the two of them were arguing, and the women were separated as a result. Following that, Asian was brought to the waiting car. Asian made fun of the woman by calling her a phoney Dior woman after she claimed online that all he was doing was trying to take a selfie. The woman was wearing a Dior outfit.

Asian insulted the woman in her tweets by using a variety of expletives and joking that she was attempting to take off the diamond chain she was wearing at the time. The video quickly gained popularity online after being widely shared.

As the video gained popularity, several people tweeted about the problem and many more made fun of the woman and Asian on Twitter.One of the Instagram users who shared the footage said that someone was attempting to steal the Asian Doll’s necklace. One Twitter user responded on the woman’s message from Asians, saying that sometimes it’s okay to laugh at them and move on. Another person made a comment claiming that the party appeared suspicious and the chain was not stolen. Some of them responded by suggesting that perhaps the woman was correct and that Asian was merely attempting to attract attention from online users. Who is right in this instance is unknown.

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