The merging of the two shows is seamless, as What We Do in the Shadows is as accommodating to the hammering rhythms as Laszlo is to the guest host. They show-within-a-show even captures the ever-annoying and fake touch of recreating a closing line of bad news with a new take of it cutting into the next segment. The show finds challenge when Nadja despises everything, preferring cheese-smelling throw pillows over a hat rack room, and triumph when Nandor (Kayvan Novak) obsesses over a sign reading “home is where the wine is.”

The bit about Nandor’s still-new bride Marwa (Parisa Fakhri) wanting exactly what her husband wants, a gift from the departing Djinn, finds its footing as the running gag stumbles through the episode leaving multiple punchlines in its trail. Marwa proves herself quite adept at stealing the comedy from Nandor, and his slow burn during their sequences is as expertly constructed as his Man Cave. Initially happy for the shared tastes, it gets old quickly. But not before Marwa learns to weaponize these mutual desires for a humorous and empowering finish.

Guillermo (Harvey Guillen) excels as the episode’s main comedic foil. His Machiavellian skills afford him some minor basic living improvements, but are useless against the thrilled “Superfan!.” Laszlo is so taken by the glitter of the showbiz home makeover he reinvents himself in flannel, promotes the show’s sponsors with ready-made soundbites, and is ready to throw his entire life savings into the project before the first estimate is presented. Berry plays it with utter joy, punctuated by growing annoyances at the disheveled state of his home as it currently, precariously, stands.

Which brings us to the spoiler. The setup, by Simon the Devious (Nick Kroll), is masterfully ridiculous. The concept works exceptionally well because he is a vampire, and only an immortal creature could take the time to grow a business, make a show, sell a show, get good ratings, and draw the specific demographic desired by the showrunner. It one-ups Larry David’s spite-coffee shop on Curb Your Enthusiasm. It moves into the kinds of obsessively compulsively debauched planning Gustavo Fring (Giancarlo Esposito) brings to Better Call Saul when we learn Toby was put through school, educated and groomed for stardom. Such brilliance, and yet so futile, only a vampire can bring it to its most meaningless conclusion.

Simon is equally committed to his same crew, including Count Rapula (Mike Dara), and Vampire Elvis (Shawn Klush), proving the reigning Manhattan vampire is, indeed, the most devious of all the vampires, and quite deserving of Laszlo’s respect, if not his witch skin hat. This is no mere prized, cursed, living, and bleeding hat. Laszlo has treasured this hat since the Bavarian witch hunter he was draining begged him to take it as a payoff. This silly game of ownership should have lost its spark, but it is a lingering curse. It is also strangely encouraging to hear Simon the Devious say it means the world to him that Laszlo really likes his show, even “Ramshackle Ranch,” and more comforting that the Staten Island vampire doesn’t care.

“Go Flip Yourself” is a well-constructed comic episode, fully committing to the absurdity of every possible action. The installment not only pokes holes in the infrastructure of DIY shows, but tears the foundation of What We Do in the Shadows’ own mock-doc-horror-schlock genre to its silliest core. All reality shows are scary, and if the city planners don’t get you, bad planning will. The episode is flush with load bearing one-liners, obviously scripted, but tossed off as if they are ad libs.

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