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When will Sweet Tooth Season 2 premiere on Netflix? Check the release date, time, and more


Are you wondering what humans would do with hybrids who changed their DNA causing them to evolve half animal, half human? Sweet Tooth, which first appeared in the fantasy story, captivated audiences with its concept. And the way the first season ended can’t quite sum up the excitement of seeing what season two will hold for audiences.

Season 1, which was last released in June 2021, has been off the air for 22 months and is now back with all 8 episodes as content in Season 2, which will premiere on the platform on Thursday, April 27. It has all the ingredients to make the season full of interesting stories.

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Here’s what season two has in store for its viewers:

According to the official synopsis, “General Abbott (Neil Sandilands), the Last Men are holding Gus (Christian Convery) and a group of fellow hybrids captive as a new deadly wave of patients.”

The Abbott uses the children as test subjects for Dr. Aditya Singh’s experiments while he is held captive by the evil Abbott in an attempt to find a cure and save his distressed wife, Rani (Adeel Akhtar).

Gus agrees to help Dr. Singh in order to save his friends, which begins a grim journey into his past and his mother Birdie’s (Amy Seimitz) role in the circumstances leading up to The Great Crumble.

Here’s the flavor of the second season, which will keep viewers coming back

While hybrid cars are being tested. Tommy Gibberd (Nonso Anozie) and Amy Eden (Dania Ramirez) team up to release the hybrids out of the reserve, but their relationship will be tested when Gibberd’s secrets are revealed.

Gus and his new family of hybrids are on a collision course with the Abbotts and forces of evil who wish to eliminate them once and for all, as revelations from the past jeopardize the chance at atonement in the present.

So keep your cravings going, as Netflix has summer plans on the cards for its viewers with season two hitting the screen.

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