Since 2020, Republican Tate Reeves has led Mississippi as the state’s 65th governor. For approximately eight years, he ran for and won the position of state treasurer.

He was also elected as the 32nd lieutenant governor, fulfilling his campaign promises to the people. But recently, the state’s capital city has seen an increase in the problem of having access to clean, ample drinking water.

His remark that the Mississippi’s water situation “won’t be solved overnight” made the populace more disillusioned and dejected. As a result of years of poor maintenance, Jackson’s primary water purification system failed.

Tate Reeves

Tate Reeves

Who Is Mississippi Governor Tate Reeves’s Wife Elee Reeves? Do They Share Kids?

Elee Williams, the First Lady of Mississippi, is Tate Reeves’ stunning wife. The two are proud parents to Tyler, Emma, and Maddie, three daughters. The family also takes pleasure in spending time at home with their Cavalier King Charles Spaniel dog.

Elee was raised by her parents in Tylertown, who stressed the value of education and giving back to the neighborhood. She was able to go to Millsaps College in Jackson to further her education as a result. With a Master’s in Business Administration, she received her diploma.

She began her work as an investment advisor in 2001, assisting people in achieving their financial objectives. She belongs to the Chartered Financial Analyst Society of Mississippi as well.

She also participates in voluntary work and charitable initiatives. She also held positions as president of the Official Mississippi Women’s Club, Hinds County Republican Women, vice chair of the Mississippi Symphony Orchestra Foundation Board, and many more positions.

Governor Tate Reeves Net Worth In 2022

Tate Reeves, Mississippi’s 65th governor, began his career as a Chartered Financial Analyst after earning his college degree in 1996. He transferred to Trustmark National Bank in 2000. He worked as a financial portfolio manager for the company. Later on, in 2003, he left the position to run for state treasurer.

His political career began when he ran for the vacant seat just as Marshall G. Bennett, the incumbent Democrat, announced his resignation. In the Republican primary, he competed against Brandon’s Wayne Burkes, a former Central District Transportation Commissioner. However, Tate ultimately prevailed over Burkes in a runoff.

Governor Reeves has kept his wealth highly quiet, like the majority of politicians do. But with the company his father built, he is anticipated to amass an outstanding million-dollar fortune throughout the course of his more than two-decade-long career.

Tate Reeves Wife Elee Reeves

Tate Reeves Wife Elee Reeves

Tate Reeves’s Parents Are Terry Reeves and Dianne Peeples

Jonathon Tate Reeves was born in Rankin County, Mississippi, on June 5, 1974, to Terry Reeves, a native of the area, and Dianne Peeples. The family’s oldest son, he was.

In 1975, his father established a heating and cooling business that became well-known. The company expanded to reach multi-million dollar status. Thus, we may argue that the Reeves lived a privileged upbringing.

Nevertheless, he had attended Florence High School and received his degree from Jackson’s Millsaps College. He graduated with a degree in economics and played basketball competitively on campus. He missed the game, though, due to a shoulder injury.

Tate Reeves

Jonathon Tate Reeves is a politician that hails from Mississippi in the United States of America. He was born on June 5, 1974. He is the 65th Governor of Mississippi and has served in that capacity since the year 2020. He is a Republican. From 2004 to 2012, Reeves served as the state treasurer, and from 2012 through 2020, he will serve as the 32nd Lieutenant Governor.


Jonathon Tate Reeves

June 5, 1974 (age 48)
Florence, Mississippi, U.S.

Political party Republican
Children 3
Residence(s) Governor’s Mansion
Education Millsaps College (BA)

Early life and education

Reeves is the oldest of his parents, Terry Reeves and Dianne Peeples, and he was born and raised in Rankin County, Mississippi. In 1975, Reeves’s father established a heating and air conditioning company that went on to become a successful enterprise worth several millions of dollars. In the city of Florence, Reeves received his high school diploma from Florence High. After that, he earned an undergraduate degree in economics from Millsaps College in Jackson, Mississippi. Before suffering a shoulder injury, he had two years of collegiate basketball experience under his belt.

Reeves was a member of the Kappa Alpha Order, a fraternity that was notorious for its racist actions, including the use of racial epithets and the organization of dances with a Confederate theme while he was a student at Millsaps College. It was in 2019 when images from a yearbook that showed members of a fraternity dressed in blackface and Confederate uniforms appeared; however, it is unknown whether Reeves was engaged in the incident. This led to him becoming embroiled in controversy.

Early career

After receiving his bachelor’s degree in 1996, Reeves continued his education and became a Chartered Financial Analyst. He held a position in Park South Corporation, a subsidiary of Deposit Guaranty National Bank that was ultimately absorbed by AmSouth. In the year 2000, Reeves accepted a position as a financial portfolio manager at Trustmark National Bank. He remained in this role until 2003, when he resigned in order to launch a campaign for the office of state treasurer.

Political career

Lieutenant governor of Mississippi (2012–2020)

Reeves declared his candidacy for the position of lieutenant governor in February of 2011. He won the Republican primary in August by a margin of 123,389 votes to 162,857 votes, defeating Billy Hewes of Gulfport, who was the president pro tempore of the Mississippi State Senate. He was victorious in the race for lieutenant governor in the general election held in November, and he will take over for Phil Bryant, who was elected to his first term as governor. He earned 80.35 percent of the vote, while the Reform Party nominee Tracella Lou O’Hara Hill received 19.65 percent of the vote. Reeves ran unopposed by the Democratic Party.

Reeves used his position as president of the state Senate, which he held while also serving as lieutenant governor, to prevent an expansion of Medicaid from receiving a vote on the Senate floor[18] and to block an increase in the gas tax that would have funded repairs to roads and to many of Mississippi’s bridges that have structural deficiencies.

On November 3, 2015, Reeves defeated all three of his opponents to win reelection as lieutenant governor. One of his opponents was state Senator Timothy L. Johnson, a Republican who switched to the Democratic party.

Governor of Mississippi (2020–present)

2019 election

In the election for governor of Mississippi in 2019, Reeves ran for the office. The odds were stacked in his favor to win the nomination. He enjoyed significant name recognition as a result of his 16 years of service in statewide office, and he had a significant fundraising advantage over his opponents for the Republican nomination, former state Supreme Court Justice Bill Waller Jr. and Robert Foster, a first-term member of the state House. Both of these men were running for the nomination.

During the primary race, three past state Republican party chairman endorsed Waller (who was seen as more pragmatic), while outgoing governor Phil Bryant, former governor Haley Barbour, and Chris McDaniel endorsed Reeves. Waller was seen to be more pragmatic (who was viewed as more conservative). Reeves shown a staunch opposition to the Affordable Care Act’s (ACA) Medicaid expansion, which he derided as the “Obamacare expansion. This position was in stark contrast to that of Waller and Foster, who advocated for a type of Medicaid expansion that would be beneficial to Mississippi’s rural hospitals. Prior to the COVID-19 epidemic, almost half of Mississippi’s rural hospitals were on the verge of going bankrupt. Additionally, Reeves was against increasing the gas tax to fund the maintenance of roads and bridges, whilst Waller was in favor of doing so. According to Reeves, those who he referred to as “radical liberals” were undermining “Mississippi’s culture and Mississippi’s values.

Both Reeves and Waller finished in first and second position, respectively, in the primary election for the Republican party. A runoff election was held between Reeves and Waller since no candidate received a majority of the total votes cast in the election. In the runoff for the nomination, Reeves emerged victorious.

In the general election that took place in November, Reeves was victorious over the Democratic contender, state Attorney General Jim Hood. In 2019, Republicans achieved a historic first in the state of Mississippi by winning all eight statewide offices. This election marked Mississippi’s first contest for governor since 2003, and it was a tough race. Hood received 414,368 votes, while Reeves received 459,396 votes. On January 14, 2020, he was sworn into office.

Personal life

They have three daughters together. Reeves is married to Elee Reeves, whose maiden name was Williams. Galloway Memorial United Methodist Church is the church that Reeves and his family go to on a regular basis.

Terry Reeves and Dianne Peeples are Tate Reeves’s parents

Terry Reeves, who was born and reared in Rankin County, and Dianne Peeples, who was also from the county, welcomed Jonathon Tate Reeves into the world on June 5, 1974. He was the oldest son in the family.

His father was renowned for founding a heating and cooling business in 1975. The company increased in value to a multi-million dollar level. We could therefore conclude that Reeves was raised in an affluent home.

Nevertheless, he attended Florence High School and received his degree from Millsaps College in Jackson. He attended college and graduated with an economics degree. There, he played basketball as well. But he injured his shoulder and was unable to participate as a result.

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