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Why are Zack and Cody fans celebrating November 16? Real reason involving ‘fancy Italian restaurant’ explored


The Suite Life of Zack and Cody finally have a table at the posh restaurant they wanted to dine at more than anything else in the world. The iconic Disney show is making a comeback on people’s feeds today for a very special reason. The two main characters have to wait 15 years to be able to enjoy dining at their dream restaurant, and their time is finally here. Fans and Disney pay a tribute to the beloved show, celebrating November 16. 

Zack and Cody’s restaurant reservation is finally here

In episode 16 of the very first season in 2009, The Suite Life of Zack and Cody traveled across the pond to Italy, where the boys got the chance to visit Chef Gig’s high-end restaurant. In the episode titled, When in Rome…, the two make their way into the establishment in hopes of getting a seat, and behold who do they run into other than the Chef Gigi herself!  The conversation between the boys and Gigi is now trending online.

The owner said, “I could squeeze you in at 7:30?” To which the two excitedly reply, “Perfect!” Only to have their hopes crushed, the chef added, “On November 16, 2023.” Cody in disbelief said, “But that’s in 15 years!” On the other hand, Zack tried to hilariously reason with her, asking, “What if I don’t feel like Italian that day?” The episode ends with Zack having a meal at the restaurant with Gigi, while his twin brother is kicked out for his shenanigans.

Disney joins in on the trend

While the fans have been going gaga over this scene from 15 years ago, Disney took notice. In a new post, the official Instagram account of the studio confirmed that Cole and Dylan Sprouse’s characters will be going to claim their reservations. They posted a text screenshot of the restaurant confirming the boys’ presence. She texted, “This is a reminder that you’ve booked at Gigi’s for dinner in 2 days, 11/16/2023. Your table is for 2 at 7:30 pm. Please reply “1” to confirm booking or “9” to cancel.” The green bubble text confirms, “1.” 

The twins had to wait over a decade to eat at the restaurant of their dreams, so you better believe they won’t cancel their crucial appointment anytime soon. While Cole and Dylan haven’t made any comments on the trending scene so far, it can only be assumed that the two might be on their way to Rome.

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