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Why did Florence Poe decide to cut her hair at the beginning of A Good Person? Discover


In a recent interview, Florence Pugh revealed how she gave production workers anxiety. The actress really proved she could take a pair of scissors to her hair for a role like in A Good Person.

In a conversation with Jimmy Fallon on The Tonight Show, Florence Pugh said it was her idea to cut her actual hair for the role in Zach Braff’s A Good Person. However, according to that film’s script, Pugh’s character in A Good Person is impulsively asked to cut her hair in one scene.

Here’s what we know about Florence Pugh’s decision to chop off her hair at the beginning of A Good Person.

Florence Pugh cuts her hair

Pugh told director Zach Braff, “I think I should cut my hair at the beginning of the movie.” Even though Braff was against this because it wouldn’t work, the actress asked him to figure it out on his own. The Don’t Worry Darling star also said the entire crew was worried about how to navigate through filming if Pugh decided to cut her hair at the start of the movie. The team even had a chat among themselves and told Brav this was crazy. She can’t do this. This is not helpful at all.

The crew found a way to get around Pugh getting her hair cut and found it very liberating. Florence Pugh said, “If anything, it was the final key to unlocking this character. It put his vanity out the window.”

Pugh also says she had a personal connection to the scene where her character in the film impulsively cuts her hair because as a teen she already had similar impulses.

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