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Why did the billionaire Porsche CEO, Wolfgang, divorce his wife Claudia?


Who doesn’t know the luxury Porsche that’s on everyone’s wish list? But little do we know about the insight and actions of what goes on in the billionaire Porsche family. Wolfgang Porsche, grandson of Ferdinand Porsche and founder of Porsche, has filed for divorce from his wife Claudia Hübner, whom he married in 2019.

The couple, who have shared the bond for the past 16 years and formalized their relationship in 2019, could not keep up as Claudia’s illness affected their relationship.

Claudia Hübner’s illness, which causes Wolfgang and Claudia to drift apart


Claudia started her career as a professor and slowly went on to create a widespread name in the field of education, which earned her recognition and praise at an early stage in her career. Which made it expand its influence in the political industry in general as well.

personal life:

Claudia has been married to Wolfgang Porsche since February 2019; Having been together since 2007, they have made many public appearances at various events together. It has been reported that Caudia shares a daughter from her previous marriage, and Wolfgang treats her like his own wife.

Since Claudia was diagnosed with an advanced and incurable neurological disease known as “dementia” last year in 2022 and could no longer move on her own, her husband, Wolfgang, has filed for divorce due to her mental illness.

What is dementia?

Dementia is a group of symptoms that significantly impair memory, reasoning, and social skills and which are classified as dementia. Although there is no specific disease that causes dementia, there are many other causes for it. Memory loss is a common symptom of dementia, but it has many causes and different reactions for each individual.

Give an update on the life of Wolfgang Porsche

According to the Herald Sun, Huebner has lived close to her daughter for about two years and makes sure of her whereabouts by giving her appropriate attention. Regarding Claudia’s health, she is not making any progress. Rather, there has been a significant deterioration in her health, as she is unable to move independently or communicate.

It has also been noted that Wolfgang was involved in a close relationship with model Gabriele Prinzessin ever since his wife had a terminal health condition. The person he stayed with for the past 16 years couldn’t keep up with Claudia’s health and ended up taking the legal route of filing for divorce.

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