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Why did Tom Sandoval issue a public apology amid Raquel Levis’ cheating allegations? Discover


Tom Sandoval first released a written statement amid allegations that he cheated on Ariana Madix with co-star Raquel Leves. It was reported earlier this week that Tom Sandoval and Ariana Maidex called on them to quit smoking for nine years after it was reported that the Vanderpump Rules star was unfaithful in their relationship. Sandoval took to Instagram Saturday night to apologize and share his side of the story. Here are more details on the Instagram post Tom Sandoval posted.

Tom Sandoval’s written statement

Tom Sandoval began his statement by saying that he understands and deserves the disappointment, anger, and disappointment fans have expressed towards him but is asking fans to leave his friends and family including Schwartz out of this situation.

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Sandoval continued that this is a very personal situation and although Sandy bears his name, there are three other partners and twenty employees involved in this restaurant and depend on himself for their source of income. The Vanderpump Rules star says he’s just a small part of the bigger thing and tells people to direct their anger at him and not at them because they did nothing wrong. He apologizes to partners Schwartz, Brett and Greg along with the staff as they had to accept the consequences of his actions.

I will take a step back and stop being respectful to my employees and partners. I need some time to process everything else,” Tom Sandoval wrote in the statement. In the end he apologizes for everything.

Sandoval’s apology comes in light of people boycotting their restaurant Sandy’s because of Ariana Madix’s Vanderpump Rules star cheating on her with Raquel Levis. It was also reported that Schwartz knew about and supported his actions.

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