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Why does Drake regret taking the names of his ex-partners like Rihanna into his songs? Discover


Drake recently opened up to Moody about name-dropping his former partners on his songs. Drake admits in the conversation about the two biggest regrets in his music career that have included criticizing older rappers and calling out his exes in songs. The 36-year-old rapper said those were probably the two things he could have done without. He says disrupting someone’s life or commenting on their age wasn’t necessary.

Drake has regrets in his music career

Drake has called on some of the biggest stars on his albums including SZA, Jennifer Lopez, and Rihanna.

Drake talks in Moody about how an ex confronted him. According to the rapper, one of his former partners said, “You know, it’s not necessarily what you say about me, it’s the fact that you said it.” One of the rapper’s ex-partners criticized him and said he didn’t know anything about their life like if the family knew everything that was mentioned in the song or if her boyfriend would love her. Because of the name drop in the song, they are suddenly left to rebuild their whole lives from the pieces again. Drake further explained that he had “no ill intentions” with the lyrics.

Drake said he tries his best not to take his ex-boyfriends’ names in songs, but sometimes he just needs to vent his feelings. He also likes to stay true to music. Reportedly, Drake called Kill Bill singer SZA on the 2021 song Mr. Right Now, as called by Jennifer Lopez in the song Diplomatic Immunity.

Drake mentions in the interview that he hates hearing his song Weston Road Flows about retiring at 35.

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