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Why is Wednesday’s producer criticizing Gina Ortega? Details inside


Gina Ortega, who started collecting headlights after her Netflix show “Wednesday,” made audiences dig deeper to learn more about teen actress Gina, who appeared on Hollywood screens at a very young age, first appearing as a child.

The American actress garnered praise for her portrayal of young Jane in The CW’s sitcom Jane the Virgin, and garnered a lot of attention and support on social media after producer Stephen DeKnight made a comment to the Wednesday Star. Gina Ortega’s behavior on set, which angered fans when they criticized filmmaker Stephen DeKnight for his suspension.

Here’s what happened between Stephen DeKnight and Gina Ortega: Stephen DeKnight’s statement

The 58-year-old director responded to a tweet on March 8, 2023, from a user who took issue with the 20-year-old actress’ comments on the Armchair Expert podcast. Ortega expressed her discontent with the work of the show’s writers while she was there.

To that end, he added that despite her young age, she must understand how things work. Gina Ortega should consider how she would feel if producers talked about how “difficult it was” and refused to perform the material, she said in an interview.

Stephen DeKnight later went on to conclude the argument by expressing his admiration for Gina’s work. But he also criticized her by saying she was “above right and toxic”.

Stephen DeKnight - (Credits - Twitter)

Stephen DeKnight (credit - YouTube)

Here’s what Jenna Ortega reported on the Armchair Expert podcast, which fueled the whole hype story.

Gina Ortega, interviewed by Dax Shepard on the Armchair Expert Podcast on March 6, 2023, is where the whole buzz was born. Gina was upfront and forthright about her screenwriting, which was not up to par, claimed 20-year-old actress Gina Ortega.

This caused her to co-write the script during the filming of Wednesday and occasionally rebelled against the script supervisor because she was protective of her lead role.

Jenna also mentioned that she sometimes became “almost unprofessional” and started switching lines while working on the set.

“The script supervisor thought I was going with something, and then I’d have to sit down with the writers, and they’d be like, Wait, what happened to the scene?” And I had to explain why I couldn’t do certain things.”

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Fans criticized Stephen DeKnight for his tweets against Jenna’s statement on the podcast channel

Twitter users slammed Stephen DeKnight after his comments on Gina Ortega’s remarks.

Many individuals also criticize him, saying he should have been more aware of Ortega’s ideas rather than criticizing her further influence on the text, which helped make him famous. Others also urged him to act more professionally rather than disparage the aspiring actress.

Fans actively took Gina Ortega’s side while criticizing director Deakining

Fans are all out at Steven DeKnight (Credits - Twitter)

Fans are all out at Steven DeKnight (Credits - Twitter)

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