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Will King Charles III’s coronation flowers honor Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip? Discover


The flowers at the much-anticipated coronation of King Charles III on May 6, 2023 will have a personal meaning behind them. The plants and foliage chosen to decorate the venue include a tribute to the late Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip – the King’s parents. Keep reading for more details on the floral tributes to the late royals.

What flowers will honor Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip at the coronation?

Flowers for the ceremony were provided by Flowers from the Farm, a non-profit society while the foliage is from the Royal Horticultural Society. Every flower, shrub, and tree used to decorate the event has some importance or message behind it. The tribute to Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip is even more personal because the branches used to decorate the high altar are from the tree planted by the late royals themselves.

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According to the release posted on the official website, “Boughs cut from flowering shrubs and trees from the Royal Horticultural Society’s five gardens across the British Isles will adorn the high altar, including branches from a pair of Dawyck beech trees planted by Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh VR HS Wesley 1978.” Other foliage includes crab-apple blossom, camellia, hazelnut, and azalea, among other seasonal herbs.

The yew plants used to decorate the great west door of Westminster Abbey will be replanted in the biodiverse topiary garden open to the public at Sandringham as a reminder of the day. Spring flowers used in the ceremony’s decorations also include sprigs of rosemary, blues, forget-me-nots, daffodils, lilacs, and lilies of the valley. The flowers and foliage are meant to show King Charles and Queen Camilla’s passion for gardening.

According to the release, the arrangements are made using sustainable techniques and without any single-use plastics or floral foam. The fixtures will include King Charles’ favorite hellebores that even featured in his wedding boutonniere in 2005. Other flowers and herbs that will grace the ceremony will be honeysuckle, lily, daisies, jasmine, rosemary and birch. After the coronation is over, all flowers and branches will be donated to Floral Angels, a variable charity run by volunteers.

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