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Will there be a new season for Khor Sheet? That’s what Eugene Levy has to say


Sheets Creek, which was last broadcast in 2020, left fans laughing as the series has the perfect blend of story tied into its emotional side.

With the news surrounding Eugene Levy not denying or agreeing to whether there will be another season of Schitt’s Creek, viewers are wondering if they want to consider the answer as a yes or no.

Schitt’s Creek plot summary

The plot of Schitt Creek revolves around a once-wealthy family led by video store owner Johnny (Eugene Levy), who goes bankrupt after being conned by a corporate executive.

They are forced to abandon their way of life and switch to living in a village because their only remaining asset is a small town called Schitt Creek, which they bought as a joke.

The family must struggle with sudden poverty after giving up their wealthy background and working hard to establish a stable lifestyle.

Although the plot focuses on hardships, it still contains a comedic twist that many viewers and audiences enjoy about the series.

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Sheet Creek.  Trailer (credit: IMDb)

Sheet Creek is back?

Although Sheets’ schedule ends in 2020, actor Eugene Levy says a reunion or comeback is a definite possibility.

The actor opened up in an interview, revealing that he and the other co-creators involved in the series “never stopped thinking” about returning to the show, which aired for six seasons on Canada’s CBC and was a hit on Netflix in the US.

While there are no clear plans to return, Levi, who co-created Schitt with his son Daniel, isn’t discouraging fans from holding out hope, which might come as a surprise if we hear the show’s return soon.

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