The internet has urged an intern not to attend his boss’s birthday party after he received an email asking him to contribute more than five hours of salary.

In a post shared on Reddit on Tuesday, which has garnered nearly 10,000 upvotes so far, the intern, who goes by the username u/Hopplafish, explained that he recently received an email at work asking him to turn 20 euros (almost US$20) to pay for his boss’s birthday party, which is in October.

They said that in addition to the 20 euros, which is equivalent to five hours of work, since they earn 4 euros an hour, they should also bring food to the party, which will be in a place owned by their boss.

While some internships make very little money, others pay nothing at all. Data from the Center for Research on College-Workforce Transition shows that 57 percent of US interns are paid.

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A stock image shows a female worker presenting a present and a birthday cake to her boss. The internet has urged an intern not to attend her boss’s birthday party after she was asked to contribute more than five hours of her day’s wages.
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Institutions offering unpaid internships include nonprofit organizations (54.7 percent), government agencies (22.7 percent), and for-profit organizations (about 23 percent). 75.5 percent of unpaid interns are women. According to the National Association of Colleges and Employers’ 2021 Internship and Collaboration Report, the average hourly wage for interns in the US was $20.76

According to the 2021 National Survey of College Internships report, fewer college students (21.5 percent) in the United States reported doing an internship, compared with 50 to 60 percent in previous studies. The report cited the COVID-19 pandemic as a possible reason. During the pandemic, 64 percent of US companies that canceled internships did not offer any compensation.

Most users who commented on the thread told the intern to save his money and opt out. Lufan132 said, “Don’t.” And ChildOf1970 suggested, “Move the email to your spam folder and ignore it.”

ChronWeasely commented, “The audacity of asking that from anyone but a true friend… like I’ve been in one place for years and wouldn’t give money unless I normally hang out with the person outside of work.”

Another user, TommyTuttle, said: “Nope. Interns should not be obliged to help. Don’t answer, don’t say anything, just don’t lend a hand. If someone “reminds” you, remind them that $20 is five hours’ pay for you. Ask if they would give five hours of their wages. They can’t ask you to give up most of an entire day’s wages. You just can’t.”

Barnesarama wrote, “Ask if your boss gives you 5 hours pay if it’s your birthday.” And LincHayes added, “Who do you work for, Mr. Burns?”

news week contacted u/hopplafish for comment. We have not been able to verify the details of the case.

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