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Young and Spoiled Worried: What decision will Sally finally make?


The upcoming episodes of the American TV series The Young and the Restless promise its viewers reflection, confrontation and a lot of drama. Fans of the long-running CBS series won’t want to miss the drama-packed episodes. Read on for spoilers plus highlights from the May 15, 2023 episode of The Young and the Restless.

It highlights the young and restless spoilers

Sally, played by Courtney Hope, is genuinely considering working with Adam, played by Marc Grossman, on McCall Unlimited. And though Nick, played by Joshua Morrow, and Chloe, played by Elizabeth Hendrickson, express their disagreement with the choice, Sally always does what she wants. Right now, she needs a stable income in order to be able to properly raise her unborn daughter.

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Having a job will give Sally a sense of independence which will help her become a role model for her baby girl. But choosing a job isn’t the only option Sally has. She can continue to run her own business if she accepts Nick’s investment offer. This path may have more outside support from someone else because Chloe wants her to go down that path.

After all, if Sally chooses the option to work, it would help Chloe stay in the business and since working for Adam is not an option Chloe would consider, it may be her only option. Amidst the various choices, Sally has a lot to think about. She is also aware that she is playing a risky game with the Newman brothers. She still feels something between her and Adam and is also aware of the potential extent of Nick’s feelings for her.

Meanwhile, Elena, played by Brittney Sarpy, breaks up with Nate, played by Sean Dominic, the moment he confesses to cheating on her with Victoria, played by Amelia Heinel. She packed her bags and left the shed, though her heart was breaking from the sting of the betrayal. But she has since decided to talk to Nate. There doesn’t seem to be any possibility of them getting back together, so will Elena at least gain some clarity from this conversation?

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